Dentist Discusses Full mouth reconstruction Vs Smile Makeover

Dental problems were always a part of life and one has to go through them. But finally you want to put an end to it and want a shinning smile right back at your face. So you decide to look on the internet for dentists and their offers for the services you require. The internet is already so full of offers from dentists and their sophisticated terminologies which are a little too hard to understand for a layman. Full mouth reconstruction and Smile Makeover were the two which sounded same but now sure. So in order to decide which one is more suitable to be used and what exactly those terms mean. Now we will go through these terms to make you understand

Full-Mouth Remake vs. Smile Makeover

Similarity should be discussed first between these two procedures. These processes aren’t limited to one appointment but compromises of a few appointments. This is done in order to work out with the patient in order to tackle their problems related to smile. The initial of the appointment would start with an oral exam in which the doctor decided and carve out a plan for the treatments targeting the specific problems of the patients although, these terms are often used as same. But there is a clear different between them which need to be addressed.

The beauty lies within smile therefore a smile maker is something of a greater importance. It gives the patient confidence to smile and enjoy it. The smile begins with a complete treatment of whitening of teeth, gaps and edges fixation and restoring the damaged teeth. And once gone through these treatments, the ultimate result would be a beautiful smile.

On the other hand full mouth reconstruction can do this too but it is more emphasized on enhancing the functionalities of the teeth along with their looks. And this is exactly where the treatments part their way. So basically a person with a good set of teeth will just need a smile makeover to make their smile more attractive where full mouth reconstruction is more about getting the teeth into their right position and then enabling them to work properly and ultimately making they smile worthy.

Full mouth reconstruction is for those patients who are suffering from broken teeth, one or missing tooth and other issues as the alignment of the jaw or teeth. Therefore the very first step is working on the functionality of the teeth and jaw, to make them work normally. And once done with it then the dentist tends to move with the looks and smile attractive features.

Which One is Right for Me?

Now the question is which one of them is right for you?

This answer lies with after the examination of the teeth by a dentist. ONly a dentist will be able to answer this. You may be of opinion, you just need a smile makeover but dentist finds out some dental issues that could eventually cause a lot of trouble. Whenever you visit a dentist, tell them everything you want and everything you don’t like with your smile and after a complete examinational process they will be able to help you with it. And now what is left to do is just get yourself an appointment and trust your dentist with it.

Eventually the thing that really matter is you get the care you needed for your teeth. I know it’s really hard to be dealing with different dental issues as it makes eating, speaking and smiling very difficult but don’t worry about it . Just need to get in touch with a dentist and you’ll get the help you need.